Warm Spaces


Warm Welcome to Everone Image 2023Come inside, warm up with a free hot drink, sit and relax and meet with others. Do activities to pass the time, if you like. No library membership is necessary.

Stoneleigh Library has signed up to be a Warm Welcome space to support our community during the cost-of-living crisis until the end of March 2023.

Woman Drinking Coffee

Being a Warm Welcome space means we are continuing to be an accessible and safe place in the centre of the Stoneleigh community; a space that is open to all. We obviously provide books for pleasure and for learning, but also free Wi-Fi, computer access, and a place to relax and recharge in the warm.

Warm Welcome LogoAs we are now a Warm Welcome space we will also be offering, in the library, free hot drinks and activity packs (including such things as puzzles, colouring packs, card/board games, crochet sets, and knitting sets).

In addition, our customers can take away a free wash kit containing the following:  deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, shower get, shampoo, hand gel, soap, washcloths, wet wipes and hairbrush. These are not intended for use in the library, but simply are available for customers who might require them, who can then use them at home.

Finally, it is probably important to note that Stoneleigh Library is not a Warm Hub these are slightly different and there are seventeen of these located in Surrey's larger libraries. These provide enhanced offerings.

Warm Spaces Map 2023

You can find the location of Warm Hubs and other Warm Welcome sites on the www.warmwelcome.uk website.