New Adult Fiction (Large Print) Added to Stoneleigh Library Stock - July 2018
The following adult fiction (large print) books have been added to Stoneleigh Library stock during July 2018. Clicking on the book title (red underlined) will bring up a popup window listing which libraries the book is available at. Simply scroll down this list to see if the title is currently available for loan at Stoneleigh or whether it has been borrowed by another library customer.

The magic charm

Christina Green (2018)


When Goldie Smith spies the portrait of the three Crosby girls for the first time, belonging to her dear Great-aunt Mary and painted long ago by an enigmatic local artist, she can't help but wonder at the history behind it. She also takes an instant shine to Rob Tyson, the handsome man who comes to photograph the painting. But his first love seems to be the rare birds he makes extensive trips to record with his camera. Is there room for Goldie in his life as well?


Book Details: LP/9781444837803/LP FIC/2018

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