New Adult Fiction (Large Print) Added to Stoneleigh Library Stock

January 2018

The following adult fiction (large print) books have been added to Stoneleigh Library stock during January 2018. Clicking on the book title (red underlined) will bring up a popup window listing which libraries the book is available at. Simply scroll down this list to see if the title is currently available for loan at Stoneleigh or whether it has been borrowed by another library customer.

His Drakon runaway bride

Tara Pammi (2018)


Found - his long-lost bride! Ariana Sakis walked out on her husband Crown Prince Andreas Drakos knowing her feelings were unrequited. For ten years she has hidden herself away, determined never to be made vulnerable by passion again and believing herself divorced. Until her new wedding day is interrupted by Andreas himself, declaring them still married! Furious at her betrayal, Andreas won't let Ariana escape him again. He'll take his revenge by claiming Ariana for his throne - AND his bed! But their passionate reunion threatens to undo dark-hearted Andreas, and he soon realises that desire is even more binding than duty...


Book Details: HB/9780263073256/LP ROM/2018


Undone by the billionaire duke

Caitlin Crews (2018)


Can she tame the shameless Duke? The brazen antics of Hugo, Duke of Grovesmoor, and the string of women who grace his bed are tabloid gold. But Eleanor Andrews, newly hired to care for the Duke's young ward, refuses to see him as anything but her boss. She desperately needs this job. No matter how gorgeous Hugo is, the stakes are simply too high... Well acquainted with lies and betrayal, Hugo is jaded and cynical, unconcerned with dispelling the salacious rumours about him. But there's something about Eleanor that fires his blood - and he can't turn down the challenge to unbutton his uptight employee!


Book Details: HB/9780263073355/LP ROM/2018


The dead woman of Deptford

Ann Granger (2018)

Standard print edition originally published in 2016.


Set in 19th century London. On a cold November night in a Deptford yard, dock worker Harry Parker stumbles upon the body of a dead woman. Inspector Ben Ross is summoned from Scotland Yard to this insalubrious part of town, but no witness to the murder of this well-dressed, middle-aged woman can be found. Even Jeb Fisher, the local rag-and-bone man, swears he's seen nothing. Meanwhile, Ben's wife Lizzie is trying to suppress a scandal: family friend Edgar Wellings has a gambling addiction and no means of repaying his debts. Reluctantly, Lizzie agrees to visit his debt collector's house in Deptford, but when she arrives she finds her husband is investigating the murder of the woman in question. Edgar was the last man to see Mrs Clifford alive and he has good reason to want her dead, but Ben and Lizzie both know that a case like this is rarely as simple as it appears.


Book Details: HB/9780750544924/LP THR/2018